Are you ready to help bring smiles and joy to children in treatment for pediatric cancer? Remember how much delight a balloon could bring when you were a child..... they were magic. And they always bring smiles and joy to those that receive them. At Ashlyn's Angel's we understand the importance of smiles to a child, especially a child suffering with cancer. Hi my name is Tasha and I am Ashlyn's mother. I have been at Nationwide Children's Hospital for the past 6 months as she is receiving treatment for brain cancer (at/rt). I see her face light up whenever she recieves a balloon and we want to spread those smiles to the other children being treated for various types of childhood cancers. 



Simply make a donation to help us purchase balloons for the children on the 11th and 12th floors at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Every $2.00 donation provides a child  with High quality, Helium filled, 18 inch Mylar Balloon. You will get to pick the type of balloon - solid color, message (birithday, holiday, etc.)...... YOU can even include a message of encouragement for the young heroes that will reveive them!



This project is how Ashlyn's family has decided to help others facing childhood cancer. This is not a fundraiser for Ashlyn's family. All of the proceeds from this program are used to purchase balloons for the children at Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

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